Links to emerging classics from the past.

Keep coming back to the idea of locations – how we evoke them in our scripts, our own vision. This essay & examples of Photos,may show why we pay so much attentions to the setting. A set may easily create a script.

Here’s an example from the world of Alain Resnais.


We'll be featuring writers who also...directed...produced...acted...and... well, the list is endless.
Let's start with a conversation on Creative Conversations
Lena Dunham And Judd Apatow discuss Writing, Real Life, And Comedy.


What a wealth of material is available at this time.
Here's just one sample - in the Oscars org...

Let's cross the Atlantic and check in a this wonderful repose that the BBC runs...

Do It Yourself - emerging Streaming.
Here's another example of what  is happening - everywhere. We are going digital in intent - Multi-Thinking is becoming normal for creators and audience...the dividing line is melting.
Click the link

Links about Producing. How to make a Television/Show/TV Series

Here's a Link to a sample Magazine about current video making. 


As well, here's a site dedicated to self-production.