There are many natural alliances between producers and writers.  

It's useful if we learn to think about how a project might be produced. It will help focus a script, and assist in  directing the flight path of our ideas.

These links will change over the months, but the start right now is useful.

Please send any suggestions for additional links...


Here's a bunch of links from Newfoundland.  It is very 'NOW'  to see many different forms being practiced by the same person. Usually, Newfoundland writers do work in many forms. 

When you're reading credits and notice that someone is a writer, there's a good chance that she's also a director, and a producer.

Here's a link that deals with a vital question...How to get started in film. An overview from Newfoundland, by Candice Walsh.  Just click this next link...


The festival works via NIFCO... great co-op in St. John's

Hints for film work are found everywhere...we access a world of learning with such simple clix:


A series of current Links to the future of production.  Oddly enough, this time has an historical echo of when movies first began


Lots of "How to" sites. 

 Vimeo has an excellent one, and lots of videos. It used to be free and also has a "Netflix" style movie selection as well.  But, of use is a way to see and learn how to do your own videos.

I notice they also have discussions about live coverage.  That's invaluable for what the future may bring - here's an initial link. Would love to hear of any similar sites you recommend.


Here's a link for useful material from 'No Film School'...


 Click on any of the links to be taken to the Webpage.  This is a page about producing thoughts :) 

Here's an early article on pitching an idea,to Netflix



Here's an interface company in BC. This gives a good idea of the details of tapping some of the services that are required in film-making.




Site for producers on how to Pitch to CTV/Bell Media



How to pitch to CBC TV




By now you see the pattern. Do your own searches and any sites of interest please pass them along to me, and I'll add them to one of our constantly mutating sites.



Here's  an excellent link on the use of color... It deals with color as a narrative force, 


Changing Distribution:

Here's a quick example of what's starting to happen as new companies form & are absorbed.


I'll be adding a list of interesting places where Artists are gathering, working out how to do all this without needing,  what really was in a Patriarchal world, a Middle-Man. Usually, 'Middle-Men' are carried along through the parade on the backs of Creative folk...

This next site is not easy to explore if you're looking for one specific piece of information, or have a predetermined learning agenda. However there's such a wealth of links and connections that I always suggest it. It's fun exploring – and as with all these links - we'll discuss them in our workshop. However, this site is like a box of assorted chocolates – some you'll like, some you'll hate – but you'll be really glad you opened the chocolates:


Jump into Video, Film, Holo-forms.  

We all begin exactly where we are and exactly as we are.  All sorts of people succeed and others fail in the work.  

Sometimes it all goes well, other times we're falling down a dark mine shaft, and don't know how we got there.

This site is dedicated to an investigation of how this age will be about replacing 'the boss' and taking away gatekeepers' jobs.  

We may do this work as we combine individual forces, trusting the audience, and having no over-riding theory that overrides the practice of film-makers who do this - we all rely on our gut, beliefs, hunches, and the joys of a child's perception.

We learn how to stay fresh, get out in the terrible weather and tape it.  We lean into the winds of change and sing our songs.

And we ain't seen nothing yet.

Let's all discuss how we may do this ourselves. 

Hell, we already know how to do this...now is the time to share our knowledge of how to combine forces.

As this page expands, I'll be talking about a kind of producing that is writing based. And about writers who produce

I've never had a 'must specialize' vibe in my approach. There are many things that any of us can do, and the full realization of how we see, hear and hold the world, will become more & more apparent to ourselves the more we learn about all trades who combine forces in the People's Art form.
Being a film-writer now is very much like the time of the Romantics where each writer needed a necessary connection with a printer. Or, did it themselves.

 The perfect example is William Blake. We think of him as an artist & writer - who produced his own works. His imprint shows the degree of control as he & Mary ran the pages themselves. 

And then, in early film-making, when artists & scientists gathered to make their very first films - no producers were required; instead we emerged, almost as a by-product. . As the movies expanded and grew more complex, producers arrived. 

And for a period writers were at the edge - with a 'company' controlling the work. And now, we are taking back our involvement in producing..learning and remembering how to manage our own creations, how to apply the overview of the creative producer to our own work. 

Very simple: the more we learn about all aspects involved in the production, the more we learn about writing for the Screen. I'll be adding more about this as the site expands and inter-connects.
Knowledge is precious; when combined with necessary action it turns the writer into the film's creator.