This is a developing series of links to an interesting area for internship. It leads to co-op approaches in the field of film-making & video-making  By combining forces we find a way, through working together, of learning all the elements that go into the script; seeing the cameras, getting experiential connection with the form itself.  We learn editing so it becomes part of our writing-being. Any director will know how much her work relies on the base of the script. 

Co-Op is a way to start directly experiencing the relationship between all our crafts in film, and learning through doing. As well, based on a life-time experience, I believe that this is truly a "crew" activity, as in a film or sonic crew. We all gather to write together. And the more a writer knows about 

West Coast

We begin with Vancouver Island, and Vancouver. This is the start of a series of links that will lead to areas where we may work locally.  There’s nothing like making a film/video together to show us the relationship of the word to the page. Video & film tap an art form that thrives on the ability for all of us to work together and we may develop, in unison, our own studios.

So these links will continue to grow. In production – we are all co-writers.

We list this initial series of links. And will be adding more of them through. Any suggestions are welcome. 


Northern Vancouver Island


Leads to a number of links connected with video and filmmaking in Northern Vancouver Island. Check it out, note contacts, ask them what they offer, and let them know what you would bring to the situation.  We are moving into a deeper and deeper literacy with this art-form. We are all part of an emergence of a new Renaissance.

 As a sub-set of this site, here’s a list of film studios.


Cinevic Society Of Independent Film Makers

A non-profit organization, CineVic was established in 1991, the first film co-op to serve Victoria and Vancouver Island. CineVic is committed to independent film and video production. We offer artistic development, screenings, seminars, discussions, equipment access and hands-on experience in media arts production to professionals, beginners and all those in between.



Excellent list for Co-Ops across Canada:


Great list of Film Industry Organizations and Co-ops in Canada. The list is maintained by Queen’s University.  BTW – there’s every reason a group may assemble, create, & produce their own material. We are back to the start of movies, series, and all sorts of new interfaces.  Film writing is experiential writing. We write with light and shadow.

Film Community - Victoria Film Festival

 Go to every Film festival near you. The filmmakers who have screenings, love to talk about their own work.  Tap them, ask questions, go to discussions.  Here’s an example:

 The Victoria Film Festival – Victoria and Vancouver Island’s largest film and video festival.

 1215 Blanshard Street/ Victoria, BC  V8W 3Y7/ Ph: 250-389-0444

 Web: www.victoriafilmfestival.com


On the other side of Canada - a great Co-Op - check out what's in St. John's...