Each person finds their own path through this.

Here's an interview with a 'self-taught' filmmaker. At a fundamental level we are all self-taught, and also part of a group...check out this interview by clicking the link...


CLIK for Gull Pond Books -

A Book may begin as a film. 

A film may become a book. 2023 sez 'good-bye' to either-or.

We move to a more natural narrative. It's what we forgot for a while.

Where Writers become Directors

& Producers & Actors & Cinematographers & editors...


We can do it all. We no longer need to wait for a gatekeeper to open the unreal gates...


... we're already living in the future. This is it...so... "what would you like to do?"  I ask this question because of a possible now where we may (all of us) combine forces and do...


Thanks to my Mom, my Aunts - and their glorious teachers for all I've learned. 

All writers need to remember that how YOU grew up, how you learned, what you saw and what you heard is each route such a perfect route, that we may all combine in a glorious group-art-form.

We support the 'no-boss' movement.

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Clik 4 Dorothea Tanning

 If we can write it, we can produce it...becoming whatever kind of creator we wish to be. A writer may become a great creative producer as well - that is, one who knows how to assist ideas into moving from the imaginary realm into the 'real' realm.

I worked in many capacities on projects that I also co-created & found it to be a practical and satisfying thing to do. 

It also produces income when writing itself might not be doing so.  It is easy to do the work of producing or directing or editing one's own work, and still remain what's called 'objective' - and I'll discuss that in another area of the website when it all links together,  Objective   (like Utilitarian...) has become a favored word. Not always an apt word.

The site is here right now for anyone who is interested in the evolution of Artistic Expression in our age. I'm addressing this directly to all of those thousands & thousands of us who studied for years, and spent money and gave time to learn all the arts & all the crafts & trades that make up our glorious ramble into and out of work. Or who picked up a book and wanted it to fill with their own pages.

 That time is here: the pages are our own, movies are our own, TV is..our own.  All this time, it's been a process of becoming  us & not them. Now we realize that we may do this with no 'Boss' - we work in digital fashion as the many combine forces to create the one creation - a film was co-written by everyone - including all performers.

With all of the knowledge, and all of the ideas of our current age - we do not have to wait to work together. All of our areas are about re-combining into something that will be very much a 'one-thing'

What this website will encourage is that you learn as much as possible in all areas that interest you. And look for others who are doing the same thing. If you've recently graduated, I'd suggest you stay in touch with those from your workshops/classes  who connected. Do this purely because you liked how they thought or/& the outrageous things they did.

Stay in touch with each other - it will become the secret of how groups of people move together into a work area, and reinforce each others talents. So, before you all head back, or ahead, to places elsewhere - do just one project together.

If you read this ahead of graduation, think of it now. Ask those you'd like to work with, to think of a project that you could all create together. Give yourself a point a few months after graduation to complete the project. It will get you thinking. 

And start thinking about what you'd like in rights, in what you wish to take away from the joint project. It's better to learn how to do this kind of talk amongst friends and colleagues, than to wait till you need to trust an unknown producer.

In the preparation to think of current training, it's important to think of all training as a pause on the way to realized action. That way, when the supportive environment of school vanishes, you have - instead of the end of writing - the true start.

All the Links in this site are dedicated to the idea that a writer can also be a producer, a director...well, whatever we wish. And it reinforces the idea that you get to stay with your creation all the way to completion. This is the age of the hyphenated Writer.