Modular Productiion - A workable Concept

I'm beginning to explore how we may create a virtual studio - Based on an equal input, equal risk, shared equipment and a virtual network of Sound Editors, Picture Editors, and all creative forces production combination.
Thiis relates to the "No-Boss" concept, and sectional assembly of units each one surrounding a central Hub of each individual production.
The pandemic is a huge reminder that there are ways to combine forces, and get shows produced - and do it from the base-source of groups we already know.
We can do it ourselves - we simply need to do this a unit at a time. This is an age of moduar-production.

Building A Virtual Studio - Tools for Students emerging & ready for work.
Check the excellent Nifco in Newfoundland. Creative people running things for themselves. And thiis is simply the start of what's possible.