Modular Production - A workable Concept 

I'm beginning to explore how we may create a virtual studio - based on equal input, equal risk, shared equipment & a virtual network of Sound Editors, Picture Editors, & all creative forces production combination.
This relates to the "No-Boss" concept, and sectional assembly of units each one surrounding a central Hub of each individual production.
The pandemic was a huge reminder that there are ways to combine forces, and get shows produced - and do it from the base-source of groups we already know.
We can do it ourselves - we simply need to do this a unit at a time. This is an age of modular-production.

Building A Virtual Studio - Tools for Students emerging & ready for work.
As soon as we gather together in writing workshops, or approaches, as one example, various co-ops you learn how we may do this ourselves. 
Once we had to wait for access, to adjust who we are to a larger corporate mega-mind. Now, however, we have all the bases we need to have a home run, or play a great game.
We are 'The Studio .'
his is "Cottage Industry" time again & like William & Mary Blake (amazing siblings) we may run our own studios. 
Ad Hoc, free form, and built on the solid rock of our dreams.
Our world has arrived, and our mega-industry is Creating stories, reality-based fables - and whatever we wish.  This time is precious - grab the change, make our stories and show them to each other & the world.  We may bypass the old-fashioned concept of a hierarchy of importance.
We are all brilliant, audience and creators - we may light any room we choose.  But we need to work in concert and in company and fairness... just check out co-ops as a start.
Check the excellent Nifco in Newfoundland. Creative people running things for themselves.
And this is simply the start of what's possible.
We all know how to make a Multi-Book, we just need remember how to connect ecerything we do.  Much easier when we approach it as a group.